Dog Treat Jar

This cute treat jar is super easy to make and cheap too! I purchased the container at the Dollar Tree.  Painted the paw print and letters with acrylic paint. Let them dry for 24 hours then put 2 coats of Mod Podge on top.  I am donating this one for … keep reading

Cold Dog Treats aka Frosty Yummy for the Pup

Charley is a very spoiled pup.  She loves ice cream (non-chocolate of course) and she loves peanut butter.  Thanks to a pin I saw on Pinterest a while back, I got the inspiration to make my own doggy ice cream for her. After some research, I narrowed it down to … keep reading

Dog Grooming Station

A couple years ago I got tired of spending more money on my dog’s hair cut then on my own.  My dog Charley is a Shih Tzu and needs a haircut about every 3 months, so at $40ish a groom, that really adds up! Of course, it is worth it to take … keep reading

Cheesy Dog Treats

Dog treats are very easy to make.  My dog Charley knows them as “Mommy Treats.”  Last week I came across a Pin on Pinterest for a Paula Deen Cheesy Dog Treat recipe and decided to make my own (and have it be easier with less time and effort). Ingredients: 1 … keep reading

PB & Pumpkin Dog Treats

Pumpkin is not just for fall and not just for humans. Pumpkin is fantastic for dog tummies too! I whipped up this recipe for a furry friend of mine and then realized that this is the first pumpkin based recipe that I have baked so far this Fall. Some (okay, … keep reading

Peacock Feather Dog TuTu

I wanted something eye-catching for my dog to wear to a local dog event. She tolerates me dressing her up pretty well. I think the key to making a dog comfortable in costumes is telling them how pretty they are and lots of treats. Actually, it is mostly the treats … keep reading

Cookie Cutter Cat Toy

Cat toys are fairly simple to make. If and when I get a chance, I will be making a bunch for the local animal shelter. It is sad how many kittens and cats are in the shelter, especially in the summer. Since I can’t have a cat of my own, … keep reading

Chicken/Parsley Dog Treats

These treats are another Charley fave, even though they don’t have peanut butter in them. I have researched Parsley and some people say it may help bad breath. I have not noticed Charley’s breath being any different, but I like using it because it gives the treat some color. Preheat … keep reading


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