Just a Burger

 It’s a simple recipe, but extremely delicious!  I love making up these hamburger patties to grill up and enjoy for lunch or dinner.      

Easy Grilled Chicken

Sometimes you just want easy.  This is both healthy and easy to make!  All you need is a grill and two ingredients.  Picking the sides is the hard part.

Grilled Pork Chops

  I make the best pork chops.  Well, it is technically a team effort in this house.  I do the seasoning and my husband (aka boyfriend from pre-wedding posts!) does the grill part.  Bone in Iowa Chops are the recommended pork chop.  Sometimes we get the regular (and significantly thinner) … keep reading

Ranch Potatoes

When we grill out, this is my go-to side dish.  I have learned that it needs to be on the grill longer than the meat sometimes, which is a bit of a bummer…but it can also be made in the oven too. Ingredients: Potato, sliced. (1 potato per serving) Olive … keep reading

BBQ Chicken

Simple, delicious, and only 2 ingredients.  My recipe for BBQ Chicken is my go to for a quick and low calorie dinner.  Most of my baked chicken recipes start out the same and I have learned a few different ways to season or flavor them.  This is a great summer … keep reading

Microwave Sweet Corn on the Cob

I was skeptical about this “recipe.”  Microwaving corn on the cob, really?  I grew up in the Midwest and in my house we always brought a huge pot of water to a boil then waited (what seemed like forever) for the sweet corn to cook.  We knew it was done … keep reading

Easy Golden Mushroom Porkchop

This is a quick and easy dinner idea. All you need are 2 ingredients! The pork chops will have flavor and they re-heat in the microwave very easily. Ingredients: Pork chops (2-4 servings).  I prefer boneless. 1 can of Golden Mushroom Soup 1/2 can of Water Mix the soup and … keep reading

Steamed Veggies using a Rice Cooker

Sometimes we put frozen green beans or other veggies in the tray above the rice when we make it in the rice cooker.  This makes it easier to get all the sides ready for meals and we use less pans…which means less mess to clean up. Green beans retain their … keep reading


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